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NOV 14-16, 2013   DANCE STREAMS: Southwestern College Faculty Dance Show 2013


                               SWC's dance students premiered Flores' dance work, Nomansland.

                               Mayan Hall Theatre, Chula Vista, CA


NOV 8 & 10, 2013  YOUR MOVE: Modern Dance Festival 2013

                                DFD premiered Under. 

                                Art House Productions, NJ


OCT 19, 2013      NEXT STEPS: A fundraising Affaire 

                               DFD showcased work by its dance artists Ellyn Sjoquist, Jordan Johnson, Katrina Muffley, Morgan Hille Refakis

                               along with guest choreographers Alvaro Gonzalez, Amanda McNussen, Odessa Perez, & Rebecca Bruno.

                               Bridge for Dance, NYC


OCT 7-12, 2013    Choreographic Residency @ Southwestern College 2013

                              Flores set a new work on SWC's dance students in San Diego, CA.


SEP 22, 2013      Fertile Ground @ Green Space 2013

                              DFD presented sexagesimal.

                              The Green Space Studios, NYC


SEP 15, 2013        Sunday Night Soiree

                               DFD showcased El ultimo trago (2009) for its NYC premiere, presented by Touch Theory Dance.

                               Peridance Capezio Dance Center, NYC.

APRIL 19, 2014    HATCH Presenting Series


                               DFD presented marcha atrás.

                               Jennifer Muller/The Works Studio, NYC

JAN 28, 2014      Movement Research OPEN PERFORMANCE


                               Flores presented his coast-to-coast, remote collaboration with Rebecca Bruno, Daniel.

​                               Eden's Expressway, NYC


JAN 25, 2014      The Field's Emerging Artist Residency Showcase 2014


                              DFD premiered marcha atrás, created in part through The Field's 2013 Emerging Artist Residency program                                 supported by the Lambent Foundation.

​                              Abrons Arts Center Experimental Theater, NYC 

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