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Brittany Emerson


Brittany graduated from Alfred University with a BFA in Art and Design, and minors in Art History and Anthropology. Her work has been shown and sold in NYC at The Gem Hotel in Chelsea and at the Long Island City Art Center in Long Island City. She considers the human body to be a perfect machine with every movement, both voluntary and involuntary to have a purpose, a modus operandi that she tries to mirror in both her process and final product. Her painting, Red Spill (2010) is the source of inspiration for DFD's dance work The Red Spill. Having cited the human body as the starting point of her work and the process at its core, Brittany finds it interesting and fitting that her work is now traveling back into the human body, in motion, dancing. Additionally, she created original works of art in the form of costumes for DFD's The Red Spill as extensions of her original artwork.

For more on Brittany, visit her personal page here.

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