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Creating DFD

​​​We are a project-based modern dance group with our founding roots in San Diego, California, and establishing ourselves now in New York City. Founded and led by artistic director and choreographer, Daniel Flores, DFD​ seeks to absorb and reflect the unlimited, multi-cultural supply of inspiration this city has to offer by collaborating with artists across all genres to create new work. Conceptually, DFD emerged as a necessary critical response from Flores to his life-long experience and struggle with cultural assimilation. His investigation resulted in the creation of DFD and his first evening-length concert in 2009, Dos movimientos de Mexico, in which he dissected, explored, and embraced his Mexican cultural heritage. In 2011, after a few twists of fate and one leap of faith, Flores relocated to New York City. By the fall of 2012, DFD was ready to take shape again.

DFD invites you to join our creative journey, through the good, the bad, and everything in between.



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