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Katharine Ducket                 writer/performance artist

Katharine is a writer and actress who is interested in the intersection of textual narrative and live performance. While at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, she carried out a number of collaborative theater and writing projects around themes of disability, queerness, and symbology, as well as beginning work on Taunting the Minotaur, her novel exploring and reinventing the myth of the labyrinth. Her speculative fiction can be found, most recently, in Apex Magazine, where her Sexagesimal was chosen as the 2012 Short Story of the Year. Along with Flores, she created the concept and text for x marks/the spot, using existing writing to shape a nuanced, atemporal story told through movement. This would eventually become part of a dance trilogy, False Steps, for which Katharine's original text was transformed into dance works, including her short story Sexagesimal, and square one

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