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Pilar Maez  

dance artist

Pilar grew up in New Mexico, where she danced with Los Tapatios and Ballet en Fuego under the direction of France Lujan. She got a Bachelor of Arts in dance and Developmental Psychology at Sarah Lawrence College and received a certificate in dance from El Instituto Superior de Artes, in Habana, Cuba. After graduating, Pilar moved to New York City, where she danced with Tikola Mcree, Laura Manzella, Angela Imhoff, and Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, under the direction of Noemi Hernandez & Alberto Lopez. In addition, she is currently performing with Mazarte Dance Company, under the direction of Martha Zarate. Pilar initially joined DFD as a guest dancer for its 2016 production of Gritos y cuentos de México, officially becoming one of its collaborating artists shortly thereafter. 

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